Project Description

h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd. was established in 1992, a pioneering Laboratory being the first of its kind in Cyprus to be specializing in such modern Chemical and Microbiological tests.

h.s.i. Foodtech Laboratories Ltd. operates in accordance with the ISO 17025 system and is accredited by the Cyprus Quality Promotion Agency (ΚΟΠΠ). Recognizing the increasing demands of current legislations, and the requirements of the competent control authorities of the food business, our laboratory offers to its customers a wide range of microbiological and chemical analyses, covering all the specifications, at low cost.

Our work is highly niched, specializing in the monitoring of foods, water, and drinks. Our sole aim is the verification of an effective Management system.

Our success has been extraordinary. Within a short period of time h.s.i. Foodtech Laboratories Ltd. has managed not only to enhance its knowledge and create an advanced laboratory infrastructure, but also to expand its activities in the sectors of Health and Environment with the same level of success!

Our main aim is to retain our leading position in providing the latest and best of quality service.