Project Description

Food Labelling is crucial for the successful introduction and distribution of products in the modern market. Labelling (label) is the direct means of communicating products to the consumer and advertising the company that provides the product. There is often a risk of placing products with inappropriate labelling on the market due to misleading advertising, incomplete or incorrect labelling. In such cases, the Control Authorities decide to withdraw the products from the market, with a significant commercial and financial impact on the companies that sell the product.

Our specialized scientific knowledge, advanced laboratory infrastructure and our substantial familiarity with the respective legal regulations (1169 / 2011) (shelf life, method of maintenance, suitability, content of dyes, preservatives, allergens, etc.) ensures the correct labelling of the products it undertakes.

As one of the first companies in Cyprus to provide consulting services in the control of product labelling, h.s.i. Foodtech Laboratories Ltd. has been the primary choice of many companies due to:

• the excellent knowledge of the legislation that defines the requirements for labelling.

• the written commitment of responsibility for the correctness of the label after the study of the label.

• the multifaceted knowledge that covers all the products available to the consumer.

• the experience of checking a significant number of labels, our thorough work, and our insistence on correctness even in the smallest detail so that the label is entirely correct.

• the representation of the client in case of arbitration.